A fun activity we do to practice spelling is WORCHACAW. WORCHACAW is an acronym. WOR stands for word, CHA stands for chop the word, CA stands for card, and the W stands for write.
As each word is given, students are instructed to get the word in their head-WOR.
Then, they "place"the word on their hand and chop it up by sounds-CHA.
After that, students are instructed to find the sound/spelling card that corresponds with each letter-CA.
Finally, the word is written on whiteboards. This is a great way to practice spelling.
     Where is the fun in all of this, you ask? Before each word we stand and do WORCHACAW. At summer camps and adult team building/bonding activities it's know as AROOOSTASHA. WORCHACAW goes something like this:

For the first word we say and do the actions, "Thumbs together! Worchacaw, Worchacaw, Worcha Caw-Caw!" Next word, we say and do "thumbs together, wrists together". Maybe this is too much. We could just write the words 5 times each. Right!!

Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

goofy adults in canned video:

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