Math Momma Mania

Every Wednesday we get some helpers to come in for Math Momma Mania. We set the room up into five stations, split the students into five groups, and spend the math time giving math instruction to small groups. Mrs. Ailstron is the most consistent, and frequent, helper. When students asked why she was coming to help with math, I told them "because she's Math Momma". The mania part, as you can imagine, was inspired by the "energy" and "excitement" of the first few sessions. After a few, the students have become professionals. Stations are set for independent group work, and the "maniacs" usually will pre-teach an upcoming skill, or review where weaknesses arise. Mrs. Ailstron's catch phrase is, "You're a smart cookie!", and everyone wants to be a smart cookie. 

Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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