Making "boring" Words

To practice spelling patterns with my third grade class, we "play a game" called making words. On this particular day we were practicing the "OR" spelling. I started by asking students to write a word with the "OR" spelling that means "a ropelike object used to plug in electrical devices". They quickly wrote "cord" as they whispered, or blurted, to their friends the answer. I proceeded saying, "change one letter in cord to make the name of a truck or car-it's a car company". Once again they were so excited to write Ford and show me their word on their personal whiteboards. Then I wanted them to write the word Lord. I told them to change one letter in Ford to make a word that means king or prince. There was silence. Seeing the cluelessness in their faces, I hinted that they may need to think of words from church. A student in the back shouted, "bored!". Now That's Fun!Don't Tell Anyone!

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak

I don't usually buy children's books for my class. I just check them out of the library. But when I watched the video of B.J. Novak reading his book, I immediately went to and ordered it. Today, I read the book, and I got the exact same reaction B.J. Novak did. I left it in the package and told the class, "I just got this book in the mail and I'm excited to read it to you." So I opened it up and read the title, "The Book With No Pictures", and there were audible groans. I then proceeded to read the book and the students were totally amused. Their reactions were right on cue. It was fun to read it, and even more entertaining to watch students' reactions. When I finished, they wanted to read it again right away. Now That's Fun!! and you can Tell Everyone!!!!