School Stories: Be Good

So we were all working silently in class. It was one of those rare moments where 100% of the class is quiet and working. As I was reveling in the calm, the office secretary came over the intercom and said, "Please send Joe to the office. He's going home."  This broke the quiet and everyone informed Joe that he needed to go to the office. I informed them that he heard the message and they need to keep working. Joe informed me that he knew where he was going. "My sister has a back and it is really gross. It has something all over it." The other students grossed out to this. They must have been imagining how gross the back was because I had know idea what he was talking about. I did know that the wonderful silence was gone and I was quickly losing control of the class. "Okay guys, let's get back to work. Joe you need to bring your homework tomorrow." Then everyone proceeded to announce that their homework was already finished, or they didn't do their homework, or they forgot to bring it(it's due tomorrow), or they lost it. I realize I have lost control of the class. Joe now begins to say goodbye to everybody and they respond with high fives and goodbyes and see-you-tomorrows. Just as I decide to put an end to this, Joe heads for the door, stops suddenly, raises his finger in the air, and says, "Remember guys . . . . ." I'm thinking, "Oh no you don't! That's enough. No more!" Before I can say anything he says, "Remember guys, be good to Mr. Urmston." YES!