School Stories: Be Good

So we were all working silently in class. It was one of those rare moments where 100% of the class is quiet and working. As I was reveling in the calm, the office secretary came over the intercom and said, "Please send Joe to the office. He's going home."  This broke the quiet and everyone informed Joe that he needed to go to the office. I informed them that he heard the message and they need to keep working. Joe informed me that he knew where he was going. "My sister has a back and it is really gross. It has something all over it." The other students grossed out to this. They must have been imagining how gross the back was because I had know idea what he was talking about. I did know that the wonderful silence was gone and I was quickly losing control of the class. "Okay guys, let's get back to work. Joe you need to bring your homework tomorrow." Then everyone proceeded to announce that their homework was already finished, or they didn't do their homework, or they forgot to bring it(it's due tomorrow), or they lost it. I realize I have lost control of the class. Joe now begins to say goodbye to everybody and they respond with high fives and goodbyes and see-you-tomorrows. Just as I decide to put an end to this, Joe heads for the door, stops suddenly, raises his finger in the air, and says, "Remember guys . . . . ." I'm thinking, "Oh no you don't! That's enough. No more!" Before I can say anything he says, "Remember guys, be good to Mr. Urmston." YES!

High Frequency Word Journal

Each week first graders need to learn their high frequency words--you see em and say em! We glue all ours in our ELA journal for practice and we write a sentence with an illustration. This week's sentence? "I see a green man."  Now that's fun! Don't tell anyone.

Nice, Quiet Music: Brian Wilson--In The Key of Disney

When students need to work independently, we put on some "nice, quiet, music". Nice, quiet music helps us keep classroom clatter to a minimum. We must be able to hear the music or the classroom is too noisy. Nice, quiet music helps us focus on our work, especially writing, and work at it for a longer period of time. A 2002, University of London, research discovered that, "Calming relaxing music had a positive effect on the number of mathematics problems completed, remembering words from sentences and on reported pro-social behaviour in children aged 10–12 years." Also, listening to nice, quiet music, is good for napping when you finish your work. We hope to find that "In The Key of Disney" by Brian Wilson will have a very positive effect because Kids like Disney and we like Brian Wilson. Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

When You Wish Upon a Star by Brian Wilson on Grooveshark

First Day First Grade

For the first day of first grade we'll be snapping first day foto's with this foto-op prop. The thing I'm most proud of, besides this is a cute idea, is that I got the frame for $2 and the letters for $1. Cuteness and thrift are fun! Don't tell anyone.

Teacher Evaluations

One of the reasons I like teaching elementary school is, occasionally, I'll receive an evaluation like the one that follows. How many people get such an honest, insightful, and fair review from their customers,employee or boss, or peer--however you see it?

My Cool Morning Class Teacher
Would you like to hear? about My morning clas teacher. His name is Mr. Urmston. Mr. urmston has brown hair. He is kind of white. He is tall as Mrs. Todd. He is not too fat or skinny but Medium.
Mr. urmston is married He loves His wife. He is kind of nice and mean. Mr. urmston has four kids and also won a race. He is funny. He likes the smartbord. He dresses handsome. He is strong. He has a lot of safe about him.
Mr. urmston hobbies are. He likes to exsercise eveyday. He rids his bike to school. He loves to play guitar he loves to teach. He is a very cool teacher.

Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.