Bobby Balooba

Bobby Balooba is a substitute for Mr. Ailstron. Whenever Mr. Ailstron gets tired, and has to rest, he calls in Bobby Balooba. It's convenient because Bobby Balooba lives just down the street from the school over by the bridge near the railroad tracks. He speaks with a cajun accent, a cross between Adam Sandler's Waterboy, and Carrol O'Connor on In The Heat Of The Night. He shakes his head when he finishes his sentences, he can't pronounce Mr. Ailstron's name(uses a different name everytime) and usually can only teach PE. Bobby Balooba is a great asset to the class. Now that's FUN, don't tell anyone.

Comprehension Kool Kat

This is Comprehension Kool Kat. When we answer comprehension questions after reading a selection, we call out the Kool Kat because everybody knows reading comprehension is cool. The Kool Kat always asks questions related to important strategies for comprehension: setting, characters, main idea, sequence, author's purpose, etc. So the question is asked, "What is the setting of the story?" Students think about it, talk about it with their group or partner, the lip whistle is blown, and then I throw the Kool Kat to students raising their hand. After each student gives their answer and throws back the Kool Kat, I say, as I point and wink, "You are one Kool Kat!" Now that's FUN, don't tell anyone.

Prediction Paco

This is Prediction Paco. To begin reading a new selection, or new page within a selection, we often practice making predictions to develop our reading comprehension. It's announced that Prediction Paco "wants to hear what you think will happen in this story." Students first think about it. Partners or groups talk about what some predictions might be and we share whole class. Paco is thrown to students with raised hands and the predicitons begin. "I think this story is about a girl with a red hood." When Paco is thrown back I ask him, "What did you think of that prediction?" He often replies in a high voice, as I use my ventriliquisting skills, "mmmmmmmmmmuy bien!"
Now that's FUN, don't tell anyone!