Cowboy Cheer

It's fun to have the crowd cheer for you, especially if you are doing something smart. So if someone in class does exceptional work, shares a correct answer with the class when called upon, or just needs some praise, we cheer for them. The cowboy cheer goes like this:

Put one finger in the air
and circle it like a lasso as
you say, "Yee-haw!"

If we really want to show our enthusiasm for the work of our fellow students, we add "Ride-em' Cowboy!" Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

Let's Get Started

TA-67148 You can't get anywhere… ARGUS® PosterAnother school year started today. Another empty room comes alive one August day. What was once four walls, bulletin bare, the lights were on but nobody was home, now has a heart that beats rapidly from anxious eyes that trigger an affective filter to be lowered to learn by just one confident, warm, smile. Not just anxious eyes: curious eyes, smiling eyes, tearful eyes, fearful eyes, observant eyes, confused and dazed. Twenty-one strangers gather together to acquire knowledge, experience, friendship, respect, responsibility, compassion, literacy, laughter, companionship, story and song. One hundred eighty days. Another school year started today. The wheels are in motion, the ball is rolling, there's no looking back; eyes forward and I like it. Another school year started today. Let's get going. We're going somewhere, enjoying the journey, and curios about the destination. You never know, so here we go. We're going somewhere, another school year started today.