Making "boring" Words

To practice spelling patterns with my third grade class, we "play a game" called making words. On this particular day we were practicing the "OR" spelling. I started by asking students to write a word with the "OR" spelling that means "a ropelike object used to plug in electrical devices". They quickly wrote "cord" as they whispered, or blurted, to their friends the answer. I proceeded saying, "change one letter in cord to make the name of a truck or car-it's a car company". Once again they were so excited to write Ford and show me their word on their personal whiteboards. Then I wanted them to write the word Lord. I told them to change one letter in Ford to make a word that means king or prince. There was silence. Seeing the cluelessness in their faces, I hinted that they may need to think of words from church. A student in the back shouted, "bored!". Now That's Fun!Don't Tell Anyone!

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