Joe Momma's Problem

Everyday for math we solve a few word problems. This poor fella is Joe Momma and he's the guy with all the problems. Why else would he be crying? 

Joe is first introduced as a boy who has lots of problems, we are going to solve them for him everyday, and he will be so happy to have friends who can help him.  Joe Momma has a dad named Mr. Momma, a mom named Mrs. Momma, a friend named Yo Daddy, and a dog named Obama Momma. 

A problem is introduced. We determine what is the important information, what operation to use, and make a plan for solving. Students work on white boards to solve it. As they work they commiserate with Joe Momma, "Poor Joe Momma has birds all over his head." "That's OK Joe I'm your friend. I'll help you." 

After students, alone or in groups, solve the problem, I ask, "Who has a solution for Joe Momma that will make him so happy?" They answer in a complete sentence, "Joe Momma has nine birds on his face." Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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Dean and Maryellen said...

You need to write a book for first grade teachers. The only problem is most of them don't know how to have fun, they only know how the curriculum tells them to teach.