Once students are trained on how to properly clean and organize their desks, we do inspections. When the command is given, students begin preparing for inspections. As they finish, they stand at attention to the side of the open desk. The sergeant approaches and asks (in a drill sergeant yell), "ARE YOU READY FOR INSPECTION, SOLDIER!!!????" The response, "YES, SIR!!!!!", is barked back. Of course, it has to be loud or we might hear, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!" The sergeant then continues with multiple questions like: "ARE YOU PROUD OF THIS DESK, SOLDIER?!", or, "IS YOUR MATH BOOK IN THE RIGHT PLACE SOLDIER?!", and, "IS THIS THE BEST LOOKING DESK IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE COUNTRY?!". When the soldier has passed the inspection, the sergeant says, "GIVE ME A SAAAAAAAAAAAALUTE!". At which time, the soldier and sergeant salute. Sometimes soldiers are rewarded with a "caught being good" ticket, a piece of healthy candy, or maybe just a "good job, I'm proud of you" and a smile. Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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