Baseword Baseball

When it is time to add suffixes to words in order to make BIGGER words, we play Baseword Baseball.
When playing Baseword baseball, the players pitch the base word, hit the suffix, and catch the new word. Of course, I am the manager of the team, so all the right players are in the right positions. With a word like reporter, the fun would go something like this: 

 Manager: What's the base word?
Team: The base word is report! Coach! 
Manager: What's the suffix? 
Team: The suffix is "er"! Coach! 
Manager: What's the new word? 
Team: The new word is reporter! Coach! 
Manager: Pitch! 
Team: REPORT! (pitching motion)
Manager: Hit
Team: "ER"!(hitting motion) 
Manager: Catch!
Team: Reporter!(catching motion)

After the team is warmed up, individual tryouts begin. Selections are made for pitcher, hitter, and outfielder. We take our positions on the "field", with the manager as catcher. We taunt the batter with baseball chatter, "Hey, batta batta!" The pitcher throws a base word. The hitter swings while saying the suffix. The ball goes to the outfielder as the hitter runs the "bases". Outfielder says the new word then throws the ball to home. If the outfielder knows the new word, most likely the runner will be tagged at home, but if there is any hesitation, the runner is usually "SAAAAAAAAAFE!"

Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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