Winkadink's High Frequency Show!

 "It's time for Winkadink's High Frequency Show! I'm Winkadink(big wink) and this is my show. The show where students can earn hundreds of dollars just for reading words. For every correct word you win $200. Read all the words and you earn the bonus! But don't get a ZONKO or you will hear this, 'Whah-whah-whaaaaaaaaah!' Our first contestant is from Ramon Urmston Elementary Annex, he likes laying on desks, and throwing crayons on the floor. He's Vern Jones. The audience is ready, the board is ready, Vern is ready, so let's play Winkadink's High Frequency
 The contestant takes the microphone, reads the word while the audience repeats the word and yells, "two hundred dollars!". The contestant continues as the words are revealed and the audience continues until he earns the bonus, or get a Zonko.
Winkadink's Microphone
Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone;)

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