Bobby Balooba and Lovely Lily

The latest entry of the Bobby Balooba story had us attempting to write each kind of sentence in our animal fantasy: statement, command, question, and exclamation. In an earlier fantasy we had Bobby Balooba battle with a  space ninja (I was trying to get the boys attention.), so all they want now is to have Bobby battle other characters. I told them we already had a fighting story and that this one should be about friendship. Well, it turned into more of a love story. There were giggles, whispers, and kissing noises as we brainstormed and wrote.

Bobby Balooba and Lovely Lily
First, Bobby Balooba goes with Lovely Lily to the forest. 
Next, Bobby asks, "Will you walk with me?"
Then Lily whispers, "Hold my hand and I will walk with you."
Bobby yells, "I love you Lovely Lily!" 

Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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