It's fun to have the crowd cheer for you, especially if you are doing something smart. So if someone in class does exceptional work, shares a correct answer with the class when called upon, or just needs some praise, we cheer for them. The AWE-SOME cheer goes like this:
Clap and sway as you cheer, "You're AWE(slight pause)-SOME, You're AWE (slight pause)-SOME!"     
Then, pretend to dust your right shoulder as you say, "You're AWESOME!"
Next, pretend to dust your left shoulder as you say: "You're AWESOME!"
Finally, open arms outward one at a time, show the hang loose sign, and say, "To-tally!(with
a total surfer dude voice.)"

That is one awesome cheer and I hope you know why. If you don't, I can only quote the words of one Andrew Bernard, Scranton, Pennsylvania, "So, sorry Tuna but if you don't know why that's awesome, then... you need awesome lessons." 

Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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