Jedi Friday

One activity we have for blending words is Jedi. When it's Jedi time, we take out our light sabers and get ready for Jedi training. The master points to the word to be read, the padawans ready their sabers, and training begins. The /c/ is accompanied with a wave of the light saber, then the /a/ with the next wave of the saber, another wave of the saber with the /t/, and finally a strike of the hand to direct the force as they say "cat".When we have all practiced, a few padawans get to challenge the master. We have two real toy light sabers. Each takes a saber and does the preceding activity with new words. When the hand is waved with the word, if they blend the word correctly, I fly back because of the strength of the force. I then bow and say "The force is strong with you."
 Occasionally we have Jedi Friday. On Jedi Fridays we wear our Star Wars shirts for Jedi training. When the students are doing independent work, I'll call one up, hand him the light saber and we'll "train" with a word I've given them. After they pass the training they receive a Star Wars coloring page, or Star Wars fruit snacks, with the words, "The force is strong with you young Jedi, you have passed your training." Now that's FUN, don't tell anyone!

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