Incredible Cone

Incredible things happen everyday in elementary school that you wouldn't believe, but every now and then a student does something so incredible that they must be rewarded. Enter the Incredible Cone. So when a student does something incredible I exclaim, "That's incredible," then follow that with something like, "how did you do that!" or "I cannot beleeeeeeeeeeeeve how incredible you are, I don't think anyone in this whole room realizes what you just did!!!!!!" Now I've got everyone's attention. The Incredible Cone goes on the desk of the incredible person accompanied with some sort of reward. "Why don't you get a drink of water," (if you withhold drinking water it becomes a reward). Then, with everyone's attention, the incredible act, or knowledge, is explained and emphasized. How can the other students not want to know how they can be incredible? Now that's FUN, don't tell anyone.

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