Get Out Of Town

Occasionally students are asked to take dictation. They are given the sentence orally. First they have to memorize it so the sentence is given in phrases. They repeat back the phrases and then students write the sentence remembering capital letters, punctuation, and spelling. When time is up, we check it. After we check it students grade themselves. I say, "If you wrote this sentence with capital letters, punctuation, and correct spelling, then you are a CAWESOME writer." Then the next grade, " If you missed one word, that is awesome." After that, "If you forgot a capital letter, or misspelled a couple words, that's cool." Then, "If you wrote one or two words correctly, that's good." Then we finish with this grade, "If you didn't write any capital letters, have no punctuation, and you didn't write one word, (then we all yell) THEN GET OUT OF TOWN!" Sometimes we add, "YOU LAZY BUM!" Now that's FUN, don't tell anyone.

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