School Stories: St. Patrick

On March 17th a couple students rushed in to see if I was wearing green. I wasn't wearing green and a boy said, "Mr. Urmston, you're not wearing green." He then showed me he was wearing green. He was wearing a white tee with green trim and green lettering. The lettering said some random team name like "green flyers, maricopa little league." The other student had on a green camouflage sweatshirt and plaid shorts which included a green stripe amidst the blue. I asked "Why are you wearing green?" He quickly replied, "So nobody will pinch me?" I proceeded with "Why would they pinch you?" "Because I'm not wearing green". I quickly got out of that circular thinking and said "Where I come from we don't pinch people if they don't wear green. We give them a dollar?" Now I had him thinking. He didn't have a response to that. I could see he was thinking-- "do I really have to give this guy a dollar? I don't have a dollar. Maybe if I don't answer he'll go away". I thought I'd let him off the hook and said " You're wearing green because it's St. Patrick's Day. You don't even know who St. Patrick is do you?" The student indignantly replied "Yes, I do!" I said "No you don't." He was so confident with his next reply that I started to doubt my challenge. Maybe he knew about all of the Saints and now I've insulted him. So I asked, "OK who is St. Patrick?" His answer? "He's Sponge Bob's friend in Bikini Bottom." Now that's FUN!!! Don't Tell anyone.

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