Phonics Shootout

There was a shootout today in room #34 of the Ramon Urmston Elementary School Annex: a Phonics Shootout. To practice blending sounds, Sheriff Noname comes to town looking for characters who "was a-lookin' fer him."  Some of the opponents are named Stinky Pete, Burpin Bart, Purty Patty, and Silly Sally. The word for the shootout is stated,  the quickdraws take a shot for each sound in the word, then say the word as they spin and holster their six-shooters. Sheriff Noname then grabs his heart, falls to the ground, gives some sad exclamation like "tell my dawg I'm gonna miss him!", and falls to his death. Then he jumps up and says,"I'm okay!". Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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Mr. Ailstron said...

If you are reading this, I could use some more western names. Any suggestions?