Bright Ideas

We use bright ideas when it's time to get some very important feedback. I'll get out the stack of light bulbs, especially when it's time to review with a series of questions in a row; to check understanding of steps in a math process, new vocabulary, or information from a topic of study. Obviously, each student has a light bulb with their name on it(the Popsicle stick theory). I'll state, "Let's see who has a bright idea," then proceed with the questioning. "What is a noun?" Then, after shuffling of light bulbs, a light is picked. "Michael?" Michael then answers, "A noun is a word that is a person, place, or thing." I respond, "You have a bright idea!", then give him his light bulb and proceed with the questioning. When the class period/subject is over, everyone with a bright idea is called forward for a reward: caught being good tickets, healthy candy, eraser, free water ticket, etc. Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.


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