Blender Ballers

BALL IN!!!!!!!!
           One blending activity we do is called Blender Ballers. Given a word like rim, students get set for the free throw. With each bounce they say a sound. Rim would require three bounces. We may repeat if the whole group isn't ready for the shot. After our bounces, we take a shot. When the shot goes up, we blend the sounds together and say "rim". The coach then encourages them with positive affirmations such as: "nice shot!", "swish!", "ball in!", or "that's a three-pointer!".

      The ballers are then given a chance to win the game with a free-throw. Individual ballers are asked to step up to the line. Given a word like cat, they take their bounces, say each sound in cat with each bounce, then say the word. If they get it right they get to take their shot at the regulation hoop(see picture). The whole class puts up their magic fingers(hands up, palms out, wiggling fingers) to will the ball in the basket. If the baller is successful everyone motions a shot and yells, "BALL IN!". When a shot is missed, we say, "OH!, Soooooo close!". Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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