Teacher Evaluations

One of the reasons I like teaching elementary school is, occasionally, I'll receive an evaluation like the one that follows. How many people get such an honest, insightful, and fair review from their customers,employee or boss, or peer--however you see it?

My Cool Morning Class Teacher
Would you like to hear? about My morning clas teacher. His name is Mr. Urmston. Mr. urmston has brown hair. He is kind of white. He is tall as Mrs. Todd. He is not too fat or skinny but Medium.
Mr. urmston is married He loves His wife. He is kind of nice and mean. Mr. urmston has four kids and also won a race. He is funny. He likes the smartbord. He dresses handsome. He is strong. He has a lot of safe about him.
Mr. urmston hobbies are. He likes to exsercise eveyday. He rids his bike to school. He loves to play guitar he loves to teach. He is a very cool teacher.

Now that's FUN! Don't tell anyone.

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